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1. Savoury Chef Foods Catering Company  (Vancouver, British Columbia)
2. Bonjour Brioche  (Toronto, Ontario)
3. Canoe  (Toronto, Ontario)
4. Senses Restaurant & Bar  (Toronto, Ontario)
5. Windsor Arms Hotel  (Toronto, Ontario)
6. Hudson Kitchen  (Toronto, Ontario)
7. Momofuku Daisho  (Toronto, Ontario)
8. George Restaurant  (Toronto, Ontario)
9. Ruby Eats  (Toronto, Ontario)
10. R&D  (Toronto, Ontario)

United States

1. Le Cirque  (New York, New York)
2. Daniel  (New York, New York)
3. Cookshop  (New York, New York)
4. Gladly  (Phoenix, Arizona)
5. Per Se  (New York, New York)
6. French Laundry  (Yountville, California)
7. Eleven Madison Park  (New York, New York)
8. Tribune Tavern  (Oakland, California)
9. Polo Lounge  (New York, New York)
10. The Milling Room  (New York, New York)

Rest of the World

1. Forum Hotel  (London, United Kingdom)
2. Wasabi By Morimoto  (New Delhi, India)
3. PURE  (Mumbai, India)
4. Leela Palace Bangalore  (Bangalore, India)
5. Orana and Street  (Adelaide, Australia)
6. London Penta Hotel  (London, United Kingdom)
7. Noma  (Copenhagen, Denmark)
8. The Fat Duck  (Bray, United Kingdom)
9. The Fat Duck  (Bray, United Kingdom)
10. Hotel Le Bristol  (Paris, France)

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Pangaea.  Why it tastes so good.
by Martin Kouprie
Recently Added
    1. Lane Lehman
Birmingham, United States

2. Ronnie Taylor
San Francisco, United States

3. Edmond Lee
Barsa Taberna
Toronto, Canada

4. Sinu Vijayan
Bubble Café
Ernakulam, India

5. Brian Adams
Novotel Toronto Vaughan Centre
Vaughan, Canada

6. Ben Poremba
La Patisserie Chouquette
St. Louis, United States

7. Joy Persaud
Cosmopolitan Catering
Sunnyvale, United States

8. Vivian Wu
Alan Wong's Restaurant
Honolulu, United States