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Trending Places


1. 1055 Plakutta (Toronto)
3. The Fifth (Toronto)
5. Canoe (Toronto)
6. Quo Vadis (Toronto)
7. Troy's (Toronto)
8. 3 Brewers (Toronto)
9. Underground Railroad (Toronto)
10. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Toronto)

United States

1. Gordon Restaurant (Chicago)
2. Pasteur (Chicago)
3. Gramercy Tavern (New York)
4. French Laundry (Yountville)
5. La Tour (Indianapolis)
6. Per Se (New York)
7. FIG (Charleston)
8. Etrusco (Washington)
9. DANIEL (New York)
10. L'Orangerie (Los Angeles)


4. London Penta Hotel (London)
5. Havana Blue (St. Thomas)
6. elBulli (Roses)
8. Ménage a Trois (London)
9. Noma [2.0] (Copenhagen)
Recently Added Listings

1. Peter Holderied
Clubs at St. James Plantation, Southport, United States
2. Shashi Singh
Courtyard by Marriott, Markham, Canada
3. Graham Pelley
Bauer Kitchen, Waterloo, Canada
4. Chris Mayo
Flint by Baltaire, Phoenix, United States
5. Brook Bion Dill
Cloisters on the Platte, Gretna, United States