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Trending Places


2. Air Canada Centre (Toronto)
3. Scotiabank Arena (Toronto)
4. Alobar Yorkville (Toronto)
5. The Fifth (Toronto)
6. Winston's (Toronto)
7. Four Seasons - Toronto (Toronto)
8. Town Tavern (Toronto)
9. Rooney's (Toronto)
10. Yen Pin Place (Toronto)

United States

2. The Milling Room (New York)
3. Sushi by Bou (New York)
4. French Laundry (Yountville)
5. Jue Lan Club (New York)
7. Grand Bakery (Oakland)
8. Sushi by Bae (New York)
9. Le Cygne (New York)
10. Benjamin's on Lake Union (Seattle)


1. Raffles Hotel Singapore (Singapore)
2. Le Boeuf Api (Clermont-Ferrand)
3. London Penta Hotel (London)
4. Merrony's (Sydney)
5. Eleven Bridge (Sydney)
6. Le Poulbot (London)
7. Jamin (Paris)
8. Fairmont Peace Hotel (Shanghai)
9. Noma Australia (Sydney)
10. Noma (Copenhagen)
Recently Added Listings

1. Rodney Roush
Capital Gastropub, Harrisburg, United States
2. Michael Finizia
Levy Restaurants - Marlins Park, Miami, United States
3. Rachel Bird
York Downs Golf and Country Club, Unionville, Canada
4. Valentina Giorcelli
Nella Cucina Culinary School, Toronto, Canada
5. Nicholas D'Ovidio
Oakdale Golf & Country Club, Toronto, Canada