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Stefano Andreoli
Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Anthony Lestriez
Brando, Onetahi, French Polynesia
Pierre Lecorne
Brando, Onetahi, French Polynesia
Richard H. Bailey
Brando, Onetahi, French Polynesia
Cedrik Ollivault
Hilton Tahiti, Papeete, French Polynesia
Stéphane Calvet
Aberdeen Marina Club, Hong Kong, China
Jean-Jacques Granet
Bridor USA, Vineland, United States
Deden Putra
Pechanga Resort & Casino, Temecula, United States
Marco Veneruso
Il San Corrado di Noto, Noto, Sicily
Stephen Starr
El Vez, Fort Lauderdale, United States
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Akarana (Santiago)
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Le Gavroche (London)
Ombra (London)
Gavvers (London)
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Hyde Park Hotel (London)

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