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Gregory Gourdet (Portland)
Marco Shaw (Decatur)
Kevin Gillespie (Decatur)
Celeste Mah (St. John's)  
Places closing in 2019
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Name City Country Opened
Amber Toronto Canada 1999
Awai Toronto Canada 2016
Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca Boston United States 2015
Bar Begonia Toronto Canada 2015
Barrel & Ashes Studio City United States 2014
Beach Bay Café Vancouver Canada 2015
Beaver's Westheimer Houston United States 2017
Beck at Brown's London United Kingdom 2018
Birch Bistro Toronto Canada 2017
The Bird Washington United States 2016
Boltwood Evanston United States 2014
Bombay Bread Bar New York United States 2018
Brassaii Toronto Canada 2003
Bravi Ristorante Toronto Canada -
Brine Seafood Shack Alpharetta United States 2017
Brooklynn Toronto Canada 2009
Brownstone Bistro Toronto Canada 1999
Burnsies Uptown Libertyville United States 2019
bu•ku Raleigh United States 2010
Cadillac Lounge Toronto Canada 2000
Camarra's Pizzeria & Restaurant Toronto Canada 1958
Cantoro Trattoria Troy United States 2018
Cavey's Manchester United States 1933
Cena Restaurant & Bar Appleton United States 2009
Chakra Restaurant Paramus United States 2004
Chantecler Restaurant Toronto Canada 2012
Chez Ma Grosse Truie Cherie Montréal Canada 2010
Chicken and the Egg Marietta United States 2011
Copetin Restaurant & Bar Toronto Canada 2017
Cow Marlowe San Francisco United States 2018
Cultivar Boston United States 2017
Cure Pittsburgh United States 2011
The Cutting Board Sandwich Co. Guelph Canada 2017
D'Amico & Sons Saint Paul United States 1997
Dean & DeLuca St. Helena United States 1997
Departure Denver Denver United States 2016
Dogs & Coffee Toronto Canada 2018
Don & Charlie's Scottsdale United States 1981
Doña Tomás Oakland United States 1999
Dos Caminos Third Avenue New York United States 2006
Durgin-Park Boston United States 1827
El Local Loco Toronto Canada 2016
The Emerson Toronto Canada 2012
Emirates Palace Kempinski Abu Dhabi UAE -
EPIC Toronto Canada 2001
Esca New York United States 2000
Fäviken Järpen Sweden -
Finn Town Tavern San Francisco United States 2016
Flyte World Dining & Wine Nashville United States 2006
Fort Louise Nashville United States 2017
The Four Seasons Restaurant (II) New York United States 2018
Fred's Not Here Toronto Canada 1984
Frenchy's Naturel Washington United States 2019
The Gabardine Toronto Canada 2011
Gaggan Bangkok Thailand 2010
Glow Fresh Grill & Wine Bar Toronto Canada 2009
Grand Electric Taqueria Toronto Canada 2018
Grants Restaurant and Bar West Hartford United States 2001
The Grape Dallas United States 1972
Harry's CharBroil & Dining Lounge Toronto Canada 1968
The Hearth & Hound Los Angeles United States 2017
Himitsu Washington United States 2016
Hominy Grill Charleston United States 1996
Isla Vida San Francisco United States 2018
Jimmy'z Kitchen Miami United States 2010
Julie's Cuban Restaurant Toronto Canada 1995
Kabocha Izakaya Montréal Canada 2015
Kanpai Snack Bar Toronto Canada 2015
Kensington Place London United Kingdom 1987
The Kirkland Tap & Trotter Somerville United States 2013
Kitsune Chicago United States 2017
L'Unità Toronto Canada 2007
Ledlow Los Angeles United States 2014
The Living Room Boston United States 2003
Masso Osteria Las Vegas United States 2018
Matisse Toronto Canada 1993
Maze London United Kingdom 2005
Mirto Italian Restaurant & Bar Toronto Canada 2005
Mythology Diner Toronto Canada 2017
Namkeen Denver United States 2018
Naoki Sushi Chicago United States 2016
Native Restaurant Santa Monica United States 2017
Nuala London United Kingdom 2017
Omaw Toronto Canada 2015
Outlaw's at The Capital London United Kingdom 2012
Pacific Junction Hotel Toronto Canada 2012
The Perennial San Francisco United States 2016
Pick 6ix Sports Toronto Canada 2019
Pinzimini Arlington United States 2015
Portland Variety Toronto Canada 2014
Proof Washington United States 2007
Provo Food Bar Toronto Canada 2016
Publican Anker Chicago United States 2016
The Red Tomato Toronto Canada 1988
Reef Houston United States 2007
Rice Bar Los Angeles United States 2015
The Rice Shop Cleveland United States 2018
Salty Tart Minneapolis United States 2008
Saturne Paris France 2010
Second Floor Eatery + Bar Vancouver Canada 2017