Places closing in 2006
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Name City Country Opened
The 14 Wall Street Restaurant New York United States -
222 Bistro Toronto Canada 2005
23 Broadway Kingston United States 2003
316 Ormsby Louisville United States 2004
71 Clinton Fresh Food New York United States 1999
Adesso Bistro (I) Vancouver Canada 2005
Afuera La Paz Mexico 2005
The Allium London United Kingdom 1969
Andale Washington United States 2002
Angelini's (II) Toronto Canada 1981
Aquadisiac Toronto Canada 2003
Assaggio Toronto Canada -
Atelier New York United States 2002
Auberge Hatley North Hatley Canada 1962
Aubergine Hillsdale United States -
Aura San Francisco United States -
Avalon Toronto Canada 1995
Avenue X Restaurant Santa Paula United States 2005
Bada Seattle United States 2001
Balvo Portland United States 2005
Bamboo Cabana Toronto Canada 2004
Bandol Portland United States 2003
Barmalay Samovar Russian Restaurant Toronto Canada 1988
Beach House at Purdy Gig Harbor United States 2002
Beach Side Café West Vancouver Canada -
Bean House Cafe Deep River Canada -
Bel Age Hotel West Hollywood United States -
Bendean Berkeley United States 2004
Bianca Bryn Mawr United States 2004
The Bistro New Orleans United States 1986
Bistro du Vent New York United States 2005
Blackhorse Grille Del Mar United States 2005
Boardwalk Hotel and Casino Las Vegas United States 1968
Bolzano's Bar Cucina New York United States 2005
Bomboa Boston United States 1999
Bouterin New York United States 1994
Brasserie Montmartre Portland United States 1978
Brothers Bar-B-Que New York United States -
C & L Steakhouse San Francisco United States 2004
Café Brussel Toronto Canada 1985
Café du Marché Toronto Canada 1975
Café Henry Burger Gatineau Canada 1922
Café Luna Stockton United States 2002
Café Margaux Toronto Canada 2003
Café Topsy New York United States 2003
Caffè Umbra Boston United States -
Caviar & Banana Brasserio New York United States 2005
Chef Romeo Services Los Angeles United States 2005
Chester Restaurant Provincetown United States 1998
Chives Gourmet Market San Marco United States 2002
Chocolate Restaurant & Lounge Toronto Canada 2003
Citronelle Santa Barbara United States 1991
Conran Restaurant Ltd London United Kingdom 1991
Cosmo Edinburgh United Kingdom 1969
Cosmo Restaurant Toronto Canada 2003
Cube Montréal Canada 2001
Curious Vancouver Canada 2005
Cyberspace Grill Other - 2000
D'or Ahn New York United States 2005
Dipamo's Barbeque Toronto Canada 1992
Distillery Canteen Toronto Canada 2005
Dominic New York United States 2004
Dominion Club Toronto Canada 2006
Dorado Beach Hotel Dorado Puerto Rico 1958
Down To Earth Red Bank United States 1999
The Drake Hotel New York United States 1927
EAT Café Toronto Canada 2003
Eight Restolounge Toronto Canada 2005
El Naranjo Oaxaca Oaxaca Mexico 1997
Emily's Restaurant Northville United States 1994
En Japanese Restaurant Vancouver Canada 1999
Esco-Pazzo Ristorante Toronto Canada 2002
EUROCHOW Los Angeles United States 1999
Europe Planet Restaurant Toronto Canada 1999
Fabrik Toronto Canada 2005
Ferillo Mediterranean Seafood & Grill Toronto Canada 2005
Figs Wellesley United States 1995
Filet of Sole Toronto Canada 1984
Fork Seattle United States 2006
Four Oaks Restaurant Los Angeles United States -
Fromagerie Restaurant (I) Rumson United States 1972
Galileo Washington United States 1984
George Restaurant Dallas United States 2004
German Club Goose Bay Canada -
Glow World Cuisine Nanaimo Canada 2002
Goldfish Toronto Canada 1998
Gotham Building Tavern Portland United States 2005
Gottlieb's Restaurant & Dessert Bar Savannah United States 2004
Grasshopper Oakland United States 2000
Great Eastern Hotel London United Kingdom 1884
Gypsy Co-op Toronto Canada 1997
Harbor Court Hotel Baltimore United States 1986
Heirloom New York United States 2005
Honey Kaffe Toronto Canada 2005
Horseshoe Bar Grill Loomis United States 1996
Hy's Steakhouse Calgary Canada 1955
Il Sole Montréal Canada 1994
Imperial Dynasty Hanford United States 1883
In The Mood Restaurant and Jazz Lounge Toronto Canada 2005
Indian/Original Motorcycle Café Toronto Canada 1999