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Results 1 - 50 of 2,504 for places beginning with M
Name Address City Years

M3514 Erie Avenue
Cincinnati(2012 - 2015)
M & L CateringCatering CompanyNewmarket
M & S Grill50 South 6th Street
Minneapolis(2006 - 2011)
M & S Grill600 13th Street NW
M Catering20645 North 28th Street
Phoenix(2001 - )
M Crowd Restaurant Group350 East Royal Lane, Building 4
Irving(1991 - )
M Culinary Concepts4747 North 7th Street
M Resort12300 Las Vegas Boulevard S.
Henderson(2009 - )
M Restaurant231 South 8th Street
Philadelphia(Closed 2007 ; 2009 - )
M Restaurant675 Central Avenue
Highland Park(2011 - )
M ST. Café350 Market Street
Saint Paul(2005 - )
M Street1207D McGavock Street
M Street Kitchen2000 North Main Street
Santa Monica(2011 - )
M sur Masson2876 Masson Street
Montréal(2006 - 2016)
M YogoPierpoint Road
M. Tucker Co., Inc.1200 Madison Avenue
Patterson(1955 - )
M. Wells21-17 49th Avenue
Long Island City(2010 - 2011)
M. Wells Dinette22-25 Jackson Avenue
Queens(2012 - )
M.A.I.L.489 Louis Drive
M.A.K.E.395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica(2012 - 2015)
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center1515 Holcombe Boulevard
M.O.F. Pastry 2008 - Jacquy Pfeiffer228 West Jackson Boulevard
M.Y. China845 Market Street
San Francisco(2012 - 2020)
M/V CasuarinaKnow the address?George Town
M/Y Christina OAt Sea
M/Y FreedomAt Sea
M/Y Lady Joy-
At Sea
M/Y OhanaAt Sea
George Town
M2208 West 4th Street
Austin(2010 - 2010)
M3382 Highland Avenue
Somerville(2012 - )
M54310 Sharon Road
Charlotte(2007 - 2010)
M8 Bistro & Bar1010 Beach Avenue
Vancouver(2019 - )
Ma Cuisine Cooking SchoolMelrose Avenue
Los Angeles(Closed 1989)
Ma Facon1000 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica(Opened 1981 ;  Closed)
Ma La Sichuan37 Monck Street
London(2015 - )
Ma Maison8360 Melrose Avenue
3179 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles(1973 - 1985)
Ma Maison4243 Dundas Street W.
Ma Tante Sumi4243 18th Street
San Francisco(1985 - 2008)
Ma – TradingKnow the address?Plettenberg Bay
Ma'am Sir4330 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles(2018 - 2020)
Ma'Kai101 Broadway
Santa Monica(2004 - )
Ma'ono Fried Chicken4437 California Avenue SW
Seattle(2012 - )
Mabapa FoodRiviera San Nicolò, 16
MaBé8722 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles(Opened 1989 ;  Closed)
Mabel Gray23825 John R Road
Hazel Park(2015 - )
Mac & Cheeza223 West 8th Street
Los Angeles(2010 - )
Mac McGee111 Sycamore Street
Decatur(2010 - )
Mac's Shack91 Commercial Street
Macao Trading Co.311 Church Street
New York(2008 - )
Macaroni Bar4448 St. Laurent Boulevard
Montréal(2008 - 2014)