Administrative Divisions
(Provinces, Regions, States, Districts)

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Administrative Division Country
Nairobi Province Kenya
Namur Belgium
National Capital Region Philippines
National Capital Region India
Navarre Spain
Nayarit Mexico
Naypyidaw Union Myanmar
Nebraska United States
Nevada United States
New Brunswick Canada
New Hampshire United States
New Jersey United States
New Mexico United States
New Providence Island The Bahamas
New York United States
Newfoundland Canada
Nidwalden Switzerland
Nièvre France
Noord Brabant The Netherlands
Nord-Pas de Calais France
North Ari Atoll Maldives
North Brabant Netherlands
North Carolina United States
North Dakota United States
North Denmark Denmark
North Holland The Netherlands
North Island New Zealand
North Malé Atoll Maldives
North Otago New Zealand
North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
North Wales United Kingdom
North West South Africa
North West Russia Russia
North West Territories Canada
Northern Ireland United Kingdom
Northern Province Rwanda
Northern Territory Australia
Northland New Zealand
Northwestern Russia
Nova Scotia Canada
NSW Australia
Nuevo León Mexico
Nunavut Canada